Our Capabilities

Specialty Timber, Expert Sawmilling and Certified Forest Services

Consistent Quality, Competitive Pricing, Always on Time

For more than 75 years, the Exley Lumber Company has produced dimensional lumber and specialty timbers for structural, industrial and appearance-grade applications. Our quality wood, exacting standards and experienced team have made us a leading choice of businesses in Georgia, South Carolina and the Southeast.

Specialty Timber Products

Exley Lumber produces high quality timbers and dimensional lumber in a variety of sizes to meet the diverse needs of many industries. Our timber is harvested according to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Master Timber Harvester Program to ensure that you get what you want and to preserve and protect the environment. Whether you need a random length, a series of sizes, or a truckload, we offer custom solutions to match your specific requirements.

Our specialty Products Include:

  • Specialty Timbers
  • Dimensional Lumber
  • Crossties
  • Custom Orders
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Hardwood
For specialty timbers and dimensional lumber, contact Exley Lumber at 912-754-3716 or exleylum@windstream.net.

  • Sawmill Operations

    From timbers to dimensional lumber to wood chips, the Exley sawmill is equipped to meet your needs. Plus we have the inventory to make the products and sizes you need when you need them. We offer sorting, grading, cutting, and finishing—the entire process ensures consistent, dependable quality.

    For standard or custom cut timbers or lumber, contact Exley Lumber at 912-754-3716 or exleylum@windstream.net.


    Sustainable Forest Services

    Exley Lumber offers comprehensive forest management in Georgia and South Carolina. We are Certified Master Timber Harvesters who buy, harvest and reforest as you require. Last year, in fact, we harvested and reforested more than 300 acres of timber. Our trained and experienced forest services team will exercise extreme care with your timber and the surrounding environment. They are efficient, safe, proven and productive, and give you the value you deserve.

    Our relationship with landowners is very important. We harvest timber and reforest as if the land were our own. As a family-owned and operated business, we like to think that our timber-owning customers are valued members of our extended business family.

    If you want expert forest services, contact Exley Lumber at 912-754-3716 or exleylum@windstream.net. See us before you sell.